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Joule Lacrosse

There is no Sports Equipment Manufacturer with more buzz about them than Joule Lacrosse and we are thrilled to announce our being the first retailer with the entire Joule Lacrosse line of shafts in inventory.  Why are Joule shafts so exciting?  Where do we start?  The oval shape fits the hand better and players that use it rarely go back to the traditional octagonal handle.  The shafts are designed for the game using cutting edge technology which improve accuracy, speed and distance.  AND THEY ARE RUGGED!  You know the abuse MLL and Box League shafts get.  These players have tested these shafts for us and the shafts do not dent, do not bend and are nearly impossible to break!  (When the LAX World Cup is over, return to this site to see a photo of the Joule Punisher D-Pole being used by a weightlifter to clean lift 600 pounds - did we say it was strong????